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May 6: Acoustic Revival! With Travisaurus, Beast Explosion and more at The Sanctuary

Bring it back on down with us at your local venue that wasn’t … These brilliant folks will be expressing some heavy stuff with a light touch. music by: Notastic Jazz Band Travisaurus Jade Alexis Beast Explosion High Priestess interludes by Sister Calypso $5 Donation Donation Bar Doors at 7pm [facebook]

Apr 8: Jeffertitti’s Nile at The Sanctuary. Also appearing Birdfeeder and Stone Darling

We present you with fresh fodder for your dedicated study of rock (and roll) in Los Angeles. sets by: BIRDFEEDER ______ 8:30 JEFFERTITTI’S NILE _____9:30 STONE DARLING ____________10:30 Vinyl Selections by DJ Matt Correia Dancing Donation Bar and Snacks $5 Donation … more if you got it! All Ages Doors at 7 [Facebook]

Mar 11: The Reflectacles, Insects vs Robots, Unfunky Folks, Farmer Dave Scher and Infantree at the Sanctuary.

This is going to be epic… to bad I’m going to have to miss it ūüôĀ Here it is! Fast approaching and astrally encroaching. We aim to make you bask in oldest oceans of joy! music: -8pm- Unfunky Folks-¬† -9pm- Insects vs Robots-¬† -10pm- The Reflectacles-¬† -11pm- Farmer Dave Scher-¬† -12- Infantree-¬† *{___Selected Interludes by...
Sister Calypso at the Sanctuary (February 11, 2011)

Sister Calypso at the Sanctuary (February 11, 2011)

Sister Calypso at the Sanctuary February 11, 2011 Beautiful, haunting, enchanting are just some of the words that come to mind when you listen to Sister Calypso (Ali Kellog) . On this evening she was joined by Tony Peluso (Insects vs. Robots) to provide sound effects, percussion and bass. Their set consisted mostly instrumental improvisation with...

Feb 11: At The Sanctuary: The Reflectacles, Amanda Jo Williams and more

The Sanctuary¬†235 Hill Street, Santa Monica, CA $5 Doors at 7 p.m. Here we are again. In this, the 2nd gathering of the 3rd year of such events taking place, please do come and enjoy the fruits of our tribe… hehe … no really just dig the great music by: Amanda Jo Williams The Reflectacles...