Sister Calypso at the Sanctuary (2/11/2011) © 2011 Michael Kang

Sister Calypso at the Sanctuary

February 11, 2011

Beautiful, haunting, enchanting are just some of the words that come to mind when you listen to Sister Calypso (Ali Kellog) . On this evening she was joined by Tony Peluso (Insects vs. Robots) to provide sound effects, percussion and bass. Their set consisted mostly instrumental improvisation with some original songs. Sitting on the floor in front of the stage in the warm embrace of the Sanctuary—which is set up sort of like a great big living room with couches, coffee tables and easy chairs—and soaking in layer upon layer of sound made for a extraordinary experience.  Unfortunately I had a limited amount of time and didn’t get to catch the other acts that night: Jessika Mitchell, Victoria Noll, Amanda Jo Williams and the Reflectacles.

Photos by Michael Kang