Meet Me at the Pub at Good Hurt (2/12/2011)


Meet Me at the Pub and Jordan Cook at Good Hurt Nightclub

February 12, 2011

Local  luminaries, Jeremy, Jack and Sully of Meet Me at the Pub, always throw a great party. And that’s exactly like what it is when they take the stage—a huge party. Nothing is held back—by either the band or the audience—who both tend to be drunk and rowdy. Like two raging pit bulls their punk tunes and ska tunes battle it out for stage time. One minute the crowd is skankin’ to with Jerry Miller of the Untouchables on stage and the next minute they’re moshing to skate thrash tune. Amazing.

And just as amazing is the guitar playing of Jordan Cook. Good old Rock ‘n’ Roll with a heavy dose of Hendrix style blues playing, Jordan’s chops and enthusiasm puts him up there with guitar the greats. Catch his final night of residency at the Viper Room this Sunday, February 27.