Bulletproof Tiger is an instrumental, live-electronica, rock-synth group from El Paso, Texas. The plastic-tiger-mask-wearing duo is comprised of the aliased Bobby Miracles (guitar) and Jean-Luc Duvalier (keyboards/synths) who originally met in high school, though they did not start working musically together until reuniting in the summer of 2009. Both members have had other projects where they playedeverything from heavy punk to hip-hop. Heavily influenced by such groups as Daft Punk, the Twelves and Gorillaz, the intensity and aggressive nature of Bulletproof Tiger’s “dance-bangers” are only complimented by the symbolism behind their tiger masks – which are never removed in public.

Like a dance-rock revelation, El Paso’s The D.A. arrived four years ago and have been making converts ever since. The band, an incomparable chimera of indie rock and synth pop, has won a huge following in their hometown and other Southwest cities and now have a new album, You Kids!, poised to take them far beyond. The full-length debut, recorded by Justin Leeah (sound engineer for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ It’s Blitz!), is 10 tracks of pure bliss – impeccably produced pop set apart by its merging of electronic sounds, soaring trumpet and barebones rock instruments. The record, which includes some redone tracks from their 2009 EP, Thank God For Aluminum, comes accompanied by a video for lead single “Pastels,” a foot-thumping track marked by propulsive rhythm and lyrical pathos.

Listen to their track, “Pastels”  here.

Amsterdam based band Monokino brings together the artistic visions of George van Wetering, song writer, lead vocals, keys, guitar; and electronic drummer/keyboardist Wouter de Buck. Monokino is touring extensively across China, Holland and the USA. Currently Monokino is touring the USA and Canada and playing several summer festivals. Monokino’s sound has been spiced up in a rather kitschy way with a combination of melodious high pitched vocals, static keyboard, rock guitar and electronic segments. In the course of a minute, you may hear New Order, Kraftwerk, Associates, Cabaret Voltaire and Freur. There’s a good line in angry guitar too, nodding a bit to Hook & Albrecht. Producer Tony Visconti mixed the acoustic version of the song ‘New Kid’, sang by American singer/songwriter Kristeen Young.