★Occult Ritual ✵ Spring Astara Ritual ✵ and magic music for your pleasure. Join us, we are all gonna go nuts!

A benefit for our LIVE recorded (at the Del Monte!) compilation album

Nora Keyes
Jeffertitti’s Nile
Anti-Machine Machine Presents
White Magic
The Silver Chords
Guy Blakeslee
Plus Metaphysical side show by Ron Rege Jr

WIth Ritual by Maja D’Aoust, White Witch

DJ Jimi Hey
DJ Mahssa
DJ Carlos Nino
DJ Farmer Dave
++Special Guest dublab DJs
Upstairs and Downstairs take ova!!!

Ethereal visions and astral projections by John Wyatt and Alia Penner!

Hosted by Carlos Nino
Thanks to Astral Eyes (James Weigel) for Artwork!!
Come get your………
Morning Of The Magicians T-shirts and pins designed by Astral Eyes!!

Jefferttiti’s Nile