Fabiano Nascimento Album Release+Mia Doi Todd+Kim Ricelli @ MOMAI in Venice

Mark your calendars, save the date and don’t miss this EPIC night of Music coming up at The Museum of Music and Instruments (MOMAI) in Venice!

MOMAI -Spring world music series presents: Brazilian Music Night
+some amazing delicious Vegetarian food by Gaby Hernandez 🙂


Fabiano do Nascimento Quartet

New Album Release “Na Floresta” w/ Brazilian Drummer Leo Costa and Vocalist Kanami Shimanuki and Flautist/Composer Norma La Tuchie .Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1983, Fabiano do Nascimento studied classical piano and music theory as a young boy. From the time he played his first notes on the guitar at age twelve, he devoted himself to that instrument. Fabiano was born into a musical family, a lineage that goes back to his great-grand-father “Ladario Teixeira”. Who was a Blind virtuoso saxophone player, who contributed to the creation of the instrument itself, re-inventing the saxophone, adding more keys to the older “Aldolph Sax” version of the saxophone. More about Ladario Teixeira can be found in the encyclopedia BARSA. Fabiano Studied with Dalmo Motta at the Conservatorio de Musica Brasileira in Rio de Janeiro, and with his Uncle, the Late Lucio Nascimento.


Mia Doi Todd

Very special Set of Brazilian Spiritual Music and Originals. w/ Percussionist/Composer Alberto Lopez
Prolific singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California, Mia Doi Todd began singing as a child in choirs and later studied classical vocal technique. She found her own voice in writing songs about nature, romance, love and loss. Her first solo acoustic album, “The Ewe and the Eye” was released in 1997 as Todd was graduating from Yale University. She then spent a year in Japan, studying the avant-garde dance form Butoh.

Kim Riccelli

“Intergalactic Meadow at Dusk” – Doing a very unique Instrumentation and Sound scape.
Kim is a self-proclaimed explorer of consciousness. He enjoys experiencing life as an adventure, and uncovering its mysteries by following his joy, intuition, and any enticing smells…he is sometimes a sound sculptor, and delights in creating soothing sonic environments through the use of the hang, a hand-played steel melodic percussion instrument, as well as hand drums, gongs, assorted percussion, voice, and anything else that happens to inspire him. He is enraptured by resonance, and spends a great deal of his time dreaming new instruments and sonic tools into existence.