William & the Earth HarpYou as much experience the Earth Harp as much as you hear it as you’re literally sitting inside the instrument as it is being played. You should definitely check this out.

This Friday is going to be one of our best shows yet! The artists this week are taking it all to a whole new level!
Come and experience the finest live music scene happening on the west side.

Live music all night long from 9-2.
I’ll keep slinging the whiskey, holding down the fort, making it happen. You, just come and be a part of it all.

This Friday June 17th, Revival Presents:


His latest album features guest turns from some great musicians, including David Immergluck (Counting Crows) and Ollie Kraus (Sia, Tom McCrae).
His lyrics are both relevant and haunting and have been described as all shimmer and seduction.


Come and see Williams last show before he leaves to sail across the Atlantic.
All of his latest material. William rocks it on the Earth Harp, now with loops and beats. Always spectacular and moving. He’s been known the guide his audience to a bridge of tears and joy.


Mia & Jonah Present the next section of their animated rock opera, THE GOLDEN ASS. Which will be projected as they play their always, rockin’, transcendent, gorgeous live set.

“Mia’s voice carries enough vocal strut to knock down a row of trembling men” – Performer Magazine

Come early and stay late. The talent is explosive, you don’t want to miss anyone. You’ll thank me. we’ll bond. The whole thing will be amazing and we’ll remember it all forever.

Can’t wait. See you there. – Sarah

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