P∆rticLeKid at TimeWarp Music (2/26/2011) © 2011 Michael Kang

P∆RticLekid and Sleepy Owl ♥ Tribe at TimeWarp Music

February 26, 2011

P∆RticLeKid (solo project of Micah Nelson of Insects vs. Robots and many other musical projects) rocked it at TimeWarp with music that’s truly in a class of its own. Part tribal jam, part experimental electronica, part 60s folk rock, but all genius and had much of the crowd frenetically palpitating and gyrating for nearly and hour.

This night’s incarnation of Sleepy Owl ♥ Tribe (a.k.a. Sleepy Owl <3 Tribe and Sleepy Owl Love Tribe) featured 3 performers including Tait Nalley (vocals, guitar) and Nikita Sorokin (violin—also of Insects vs. Robots); the last time I saw them they were about 15 people on stage.  Under cover of darkness and a mosquito netting they performed a set of psychedelia that was groovy and soul freeing. If there was music to take off your clothes and dance naked, this would be it.

Good times.

Photos by Michael Kang