Keepers of the Sun (1/22/2011) © 2011 Michael Kang

Keepers of the Sun at TimeWarp Music in Mar Vista

January 22, 2011

If you’ve never been to TimeWarp to see a show do yourself a favor and go. Their shows are consistently showcases of mostly local independent bands ranging from garage to classical to psychedelic to the blues to the bizarre. It honestly doesn’t matter who’s playing every night is entertaining and the quality of music is through the roof. The vibe is always friendly and I’ve never been disappointed.

Such was the case sometime last year when I first saw Keepers of the Sun out of Mission Viejo, California. Back then I was quite taken by lead singer Amy Goldenberg’s soulful voice and sultry stage presence. This time around they were sans keyboards but sported a tightened four-piece sound that you couldn’t help but groove to. Their sound is a mix of post-punk garage with a dose of 60’s psychedelic rock. Fair warning: Amy routinely leaves stage to dance to her band’s music with the crowd so be ready to join her.

Photos © 2011 Michael Kang